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Weight Loss: Broken Record

*Le sigh* Here we are again so SHUT UP!! Ya’ll I have gained so much weight and I have got to do better! SERIOUSLY!!!!! I [Get More…]

Revamp Your Veggies

  When you are trying to get your daily allowance of veggies in it’s important to try new things,. Steamed veggies can get boring and [Get More…]

Portion Plate for Sensible Food Servings

Well here it is! For those of us who can’t seem to grasp portion control, some genius has created a portion control plate. These plates [Get More…]

Healthy Surprise Review: A Look Inside

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Caroline Jhingory Lost Half Her Size

Ten years ago, author Caroline Jhingory lost 150-pounds without gastric bypass surgery or fad diets.  She has maintained her weight loss to this day.  To [Get More…]

Brown Girl Fitness: Comparing the PolarFT4, Garmin FR70, or Polar FT7

I’m doing research on a couple of Hear Rate Monitor Watches to assist in my quest for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. I’m comparing [Get More…]