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#UnFatMyLife: 1 Month Progress

So, you guys know the story, and you know the struggle- but let me recap for anyone who doesn’t. Weight loss is my struggle, I [Get More…]

Weight Loss: Broken Record

*Le sigh* Here we are again so SHUT UP!! Ya’ll I have gained so much weight and I have got to do better! SERIOUSLY!!!!! I [Get More…]

Revamp Your Veggies

  When you are trying to get your daily allowance of veggies in it’s important to try new things,. Steamed veggies can get boring and [Get More…]

Portion Plate for Sensible Food Servings

Well here it is! For those of us who can’t seem to grasp portion control, some genius has created a portion control plate. These plates [Get More…]

Healthy Surprise Review: A Look Inside

Ever since I’ve decided to become a healthier person I’ve been searching for better things to eat without losing flavor! Once I started to read [Get More…]

Caroline Jhingory Lost Half Her Size

Ten years ago, author Caroline Jhingory lost 150-pounds without gastric bypass surgery or fad diets.  She has maintained her weight loss to this day.  To [Get More…]

Brown Girl Fitness: Comparing the PolarFT4, Garmin FR70, or Polar FT7

I’m doing research on a couple of Hear Rate Monitor Watches to assist in my quest for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. I’m comparing [Get More…]

Healthy Living: Why is Heart Rate Important During Exercise

 I’ve been really considering my New Year’s strategy to lose the B-day and Holiday weight, and to reach my ultimate goal. Some of my work [Get More…]

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition Contestant Nyla Doesn’t Reach Her Goal But Loses 157 lbs.

This episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition  was an emotional journey into  27 year old Nyla Gibson‘s  past. Nyla had been abandoned by her [Get More…]

What If You Got Paid to Make Good Choices?

One thing that usually can motivate each of us to do things we’d rather not, including homework, eating healthy, exercise, or housework is hard cold [Get More…]