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5:23 + #RiseUp

  Seriously! It is 5:23 am and my precious love is tapping the bed with her paw trying to get my attention. That’s right, if [Get More…]

The Rucker Report Week 13 NFL Re-cap 2012 / 2013

Week 13 huh….could this be a lucky or unlucky week for your team? Especially with the playoff picture in both conferences coming into form…..like my [Get More…]

The Rucker Report: NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend

In the playoffs it’s simple a one game season. You have one game to give it everything you have all to continue chasing the trophy…… [Get More…]

The Rucker Report: Playoffs

It’s the playoffs people….. what it’s all about the chase for the Lombardi trophy. Regular season records are out the window … if you got [Get More…]

The Rucker Report: Week 6

What’s up people! I’m back again to wrap-up another great week of NFL action here on the Rucker Report. For most teams, and fans, week [Get More…]

A bitter sweet day for most at the Georgia Dome yesterday, when the Hometown favorite- Mike Vick return to his old stomping ground. I personally, [Get More…]