To date, there is no Super Bowl performance of the “Star- Spangled Banner,” to ME better than the one of the late and great Whitney Houston. Whitney belted out one of the most memorable moments in Super Bowl and music history on  Jan. 27, 1991 at Super Bowl XXV (23 years ago).  In case you can’t remember- check out the video below.

Her rendition was later released as a single that I purchased. #AuntieWhitneyRIP


25 Things You Don’t Know About Wendy Williams

January 28, 2014
by Donna Shana

Wendy Williams, 44, spilled to Us Weekly 25 things we don’t know about her including what she likes for breakfast, things she’s never done and her addiction to  TV Judges. Check out the full list below:

1. I’ve never sent an email in my life and wouldn’t know how! My assistant sends and receives those for me.

2. Crafting and painting are my therapeutic outlets. I like their simplicity.

3. I love eating liver for breakfast.

4. I enjoy reading and have more than 1,000 books, including a huge collection of Nancy Drew mysteries.

5. My favorite way to spend vacation isn’t on a beautiful beach somewhere – it’s at home!

6. I’m always searching for the perfect pair of leggings.

7. I prefer to do my own nails; it’s very relaxing.

8. I live for Matlock marathons.

9. I don’t curse around my parents.

10. And I call them Mommy and Daddy.

11. I still like going out to nightclubs. It doesn’t matter which club, as long as I’m near the speakers so I can dance like no one’s watching.

12. The skill I most want to learn is knitting.

13. I’m obsessed with court shows: Judge Judy, The People’s Court, Judge Alex. In another life, I’d be a TV judge.

14. I haven’t taken a bath in 10 years. I’m a shower girl.

15. I hate weddings – but I love being married [to producer Kevin Hunter]!

16. I wore braces from seventh grade to 10th.

17. My house is very clean, and my closet is super organized.

18. I carry Frank’s hot sauce in my bag.

19. My natural hair is more than halfway down my back. I will never reveal it publicly.

20. I collect caftans. They’re much better than sweats for low-key gatherings.

21. I’ve never done karaoke.

22. I don’t own any pets because of my husband’s allergies.

23. I enjoy my own company…maybe a little too much.

24. I love grocery shopping.

25. I was born with a sixth little finger on my left hand. I wish it hadn’t been removed. It would’ve made my “How you doin” extra “How you doin”-y!

PLUS+ a Non-Profit For Plus Size Men and Women and GRITS Productions present the “Around the Town Style” Competition featuring Celebrity Guest Judges Nicci Gilbert of TV ONE ´s Reality Show R&B DIVAS, & Keke Simpson better known as Mrs Chubb Rock, plus an exclusive selection of Atlanta Hottest Fashion Bloggers competing for the Grand Prize.

 “And the Winner is” is the anticipated line everyone will be anxiously awaiting at the “Around the Town Style” Competition hosted at the Ashley Stewart Store at the Cumberland Mall on Saturday 1st February 2014. The “Around the Town Style” Competition will commence with a Red Carpet Entrance at 4pm, followed by the competition from 5pm – 9 pm.

Pulling the strings for this evening of “fashion par excellence” are Nicki Lynch, CEO of the non-profit organization “PLUS Positive” (PLUS+) who is passionate about her mission to promoting size diversity in the fashion and entertainment industries, and Gayln Fergerson, CEO of G.R.I.T.S. Productions, the premiere Events and Marketing boutique agency servicing metro Atlanta and surrounding cities.

This Powerhouse is magnetic! With the calls for judges, models and blogger/stylists; their phone lines were glowing and inboxes filled quickly with response from the community. Top publicists were eager to place their clients as judges at this event and stylists’ registration was so high that, even though an exclusive selection was made, the remaining amazing talent already demands a repeat event. “Around the Town Style” Competition will feature Stylists utilizing different looks pulled from the Ashley Stewart Collection. The “themed” looks e.g. “From Desk to Dawn” will reflect events and activities that take place in every fashion-forward woman’s daily life while “around town”. Contestants will compete in several elimination rounds to determine the winner.

Our Judges are TV- Celebrity from R&B Divas and Grammy-nominated Brownstone singer the amazing Ms Nicci Gilbert, along with Mrs. Keke Simpson aka Mrs. Chubb Rock, the Female Pizzazz of the Rock Dynasty. Joining them on the panel are two Atlanta´s hottest Bloggers; Lifestyle Blogger, Ms. Donna Shana, and Curvy Fashion Blogger, Mrs Parker Simmons. These ladies will be on hand to review each look and tally the scores to determine who passes on to the next round or wins the competition. The Top prize – $100 Ashley Stewart Gift Card, special media coverage and other prizes for all who participate.

Rounding off and securing a pleasant and smooth running event are our hostesses Comedienne Star Wilson , who has hosted several events in and around the Atlanta area including fashion shows, fundraisers and charity events and Ms Nickee of “Diva Day International”, a dynamic Makeup Artist and accomplished Runway Coach.