OMG, I am loving this song. This is Miguel’s Adorn, which is off of his upcoming cd, Art Dealer Chic. I’ve heard the song about 5 times total but I have been so wrapped up in the music that I could hever remember any words to google it, even though I knew it was Miguel. I searched the local radio station’s playlist but, it hadn’t been updated yet. I decided to ask Twitter! One of my followers GiGi was quick with a response, so I googled it- and she was right!!!! Yay Gigi, thanks so much for telling me.

Not only is the music the bomb, but Miguel’s lyrics are touching my soul….

Read, watch and listen.


These lips
Can’t wait to taste your skin baby
No, no
And these eyes, yeah
Can’t wait to see your grin
Ooh ooh baby
Just let my love
Just let my love adorn you
Please baby, yeah
You gotta know
You gotta know
You know
That I adorn you
Yeah baby

Baby this fist
Will always protect ya, lady
And this mind oh,
Will never neglect you,
Yeah baby,
Oh baby
And this thang
Trying to break us down
Don’t let that affect us,
No baby
You just gotta let my love
Let my love
Let my love adorn you
Ah, le-le-le-let it just adorn you
You got to know
You gotta know
Know that I adorn you
Just that babe

I… oh oh
Let my love adorn you baby
Don’t you ever
Don’t you let nobody tell you different baby
I’ll always adorn you
You gotta know now
You got to know know know
Now yeah…

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