Recently I needed air in the tire on the car, and I stopped at my local QT to get some. The little tire thing was sort of difficult to reach so it took me a while to get it off,. and then I really couldn’t see the tire rising,. so I kept pumping (wait, do you pump gas?). Anyway, A guy pulled up behind me to get some air but I wasn’t done, and I really wanted to be sure the air was getting into the tire. The air stopped, so I pressed it again to continue to pump or fill it. I looked back at the guy in his car, he was resting his face on his chin being supported by his arm propped up on his door and he was giving me the side eye!!!! Ummm, excuse me the quickest way to get me out of your way is to help me you moron! I was sort of taken aback that he didn’t even offer, especially since he had to wait on me. I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I was kinda heated. And even after I was done, I took my time moving out of the space closest to the pump. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but I felt better.
What are your thoughts? Would you have assisted a woman at the pump, especially if you were about to do the same thing?
Let me know, if I am wrong?



  • k says:

    I agree. He should’ve at least offered to help. Chivalry is not dead but it’s hard to find these days.

  • For some men, they don’t know what chivalry is or just don’t have any manners. That’s an altogether different subject. But, in the future, get yourself a gauge to know exactly how much airs should be in your tires. This way, you know how much is enough. You can find them at any auto parts store. Good luck. He was a jerk.

  • MzMakeup says:

    No you were not wrong.. He was just wack… Maybe if you would of had your ass hanging out, he would of helped

  • browngirlnextd says:

    I thought about that too! or all of my girls showing…

  • Meiqua says:

    These guys are a trip girl. I had something like that happen to me. I was at the grocery store with my sister in line (who is smaller than I) and I had to put all my groceries in my cart but the same cashier put all my sister bags in the cart.. Really? Like he hadn’t just rung me up right before her. It’s something about a woman’s size and whether or not she’s showing all her damn body just to get some attention. His ass did what he knew best and that was wait and not say anything.. Makes no sense!!! SMH!

  • browngirlnextd says:

    Girl that is a mess!

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