It’s been a minute people but …… WE BACK!!!!! As you all know I am a huge NBA FAN so waiting and watching the first round of the 2011 -2012 NBA playoffs has been all that and more, with that in mind I decided to wait til the end of each round to recap the action because as well as know the ball bounces funny ways so even if your team was the number one seed or the number eight everybody got a chance. If I got to choose a coast I got to choose the east (Biggie Voice) to start the recap…….

Knicks Vs. Heat
Ok so this is the match up everyone wanted to see. Could Melo and his band of brothers pull off the upset against the LBJ, DWADE & that funny looking dude…..
C’mon Son y’all know who I’m talking about!! Game 1: Was a blowout with the Heat living up to the hype and Lebron looking every bit of the leagues MVP crushing to a 33 point win. As Melo struggled throughout the game the Knicks got more bad news losing rookie Iman Shumpert to a knee injury for the rest of the series. Game 2: The Knicks would play much better , but with a balanced attack from the Heat the Knicks would be traveling back to NYC down 0-2. The story of game two had nothing to do with the actual game , but with Amare punching a fire extinguisher after the game cutting his hand……. I was gonna come up with something clever to say about this but the NY Daily News had the best headline for this…..

 Game 3: For the Knicks the news was NO Amare , but they did get some good news going into this game the league announced that Knick center Tyson Chandler was the defensive player of the year a well deserved honor. Side Note has anyone see his wife……. I see why you wanna the leagues best defenders keep all those NY goons away from your lady.

 Im just saying people…… As for the game the first half had the Knicks looking like they would get there first win of the series going back and forth , but late in the fourth quarter it was just too much LBJ and DWADE as they took turns putting nails in the coffin for a 3 – 0 series lead. Game 4: So the Knicks are gonna get swept right…..even with Amare coming back most teams down three games to none get ready to go fishing. On this day Melo and the Knicks would have none of it surviving all the Heat runs (Yeah DWADE had earned the last shot if he wanted……LMBO had to throw that in for the LBJ fans) and pulling out the 89 – 87 win.

During the fourth quarter the Knicks did lose PG Baron Davis to a gruesome knee injury….. B. Diddy is one of my all time favorites and a friend to the blog ….. So Get Well BD hope you come back and end your career the right way. Game 5: Could the Knicks survive again or would the Heat just wrap this up and get ready for round 2? A close game early but the Heat would pull away at the end wraping the series 4 games to 1 with teh 106-94 victory. Overall with injuries to major pieces of there team ……

Steve Harvey’s lil brother on the side line drawing up plays (just joking he deserves to be the permanent coach) the Knicks couldn’t match up with the Heat. 

Bulls Vs. Sixers
Now D. Rose was last years MVP , but with a injury riddle season most still expected the Bulls to be to much for a young & very talented 76ers team right? Remember how we said that ball bounces real funny sometimes…… Game 1: The Bulls and D. Rose looked good throughout leading the game the whole way, so fast forward to the fourth quarter that saw the Bulls up as much as 14 points but in the finals minutes with the 76ers making a run Bulls coach Tom Thibodeua decided to leave D. Rose in and on a move that we have seen him make a million times everything changed. D.Rose would injury his knee and be lost for the rest of the series, so none of the talk after game was about the win. It was all about what we gone do now (Diddy Voice)…….

 Game 2: Now the Bulls got out of the gates fast looking motivated to prove that they aren’t a one man team as they lead most of the game. The second half was all 76ers as they got out and ran up and down the court with the Bulls having no answer capping the 109 -92 win and evening the series at one a piece going back to Philly.

 Game 3: As most games with two solid defensive team it was ugly all game with each team only scoring in the mid 40’s through the thrid quarter with the Bulls holding on to a slight lead. The Bulls would get more bad news late in the third quarter as center Joakim Noah injured his ankle. He was able to come back into the game and the Bulls continued to hold a slim lead. The Sixers kept scrapping and gutted out the 79 -74 win and the 2 games to 1 lead in the series.

Game 4: The Bulls would come into this game without Joakim Noah as he was out with the ankle injury. This game just like all the others was a grind it out game with both teams making some runs. In the fourth quarter Sixers PG Jrue Holiday not only kept the Sixers in it , but sparked a run to help them seal another win at home 89 -82 and a commanding 3 games to 1 series lead. Yeah an 8 seed in leading a 1 seed 3 games to 1, the last time we saw this was BD and the Warriors working the Mav’s a couple of years ago. Game 5: With there backs against the wall you had to know the Bulls would come out fighting…… and they did just that lead by All-Star Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer ……. Wait am I really about to give Carlos Boozer props …… Black out on the bald head Carlos Boozer….

You know what If I everrrrrrrrrr get that bad somebody please smack me…… you know what I’m done the Bulls won series is 3 games to 2….. this dude who you think you fooling!!!!!!!!!!! Game 6: For the 76ers a young team back at home with the chance to close out a series and for the Bulls a veteran team trying to force a game seven back on there home court…. who would win out? In this game the young legs of the Sixers proved to be to much for the Bulls minus D.Rose earning a hard fought 79 – 78 win closing the series out 4 games to 2. Simply put the D. Rose injury coupled with the Boozer hair dye job was too much to come back from. 

Stay tuned for another round after the break,..

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