What better way to cool down in the spring/summer months than an adult spin on a childhood favorite. You guessed it, cocktail popsicles!  Try using the new and light Vodka, Voli.

Voli Vodka is the tastiest ultra-premium, 5X distilled LOW-CALORIE vodka. It has 40% fewer calories than the other leading vodkas, and is even infused with electrolytes. That means, for those of us who like to have a delicious cocktail or frozen treat, Voli is the sensible way to not consume empty calories. Liven up your cookouts and summer pool parties with some tasty cool treats! Recipes are below,


Illustrated Flavor_bottle lineup (2)

Each recipe makes 2 popsicles.

Slim Berry POP – very cool looking with fresh fruit frozen in the POP
1 1/2 oz Voli Lyte (73)
12 blueberries (6)
5 Raspberries (6)
4 Strawberries (6)
2 1/2 oz Master of Mixers Sweet and Sour Lite (6.25)
1 oz water (0)
Muddle blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries in a tin. Add Voli, Sweet and Sour, water and shake. Pour into 2 Popsicle containers.
Total calories = 97.25
Each popsicle has 48.6 calories

Strawberry POP – This one tastes the best!
1 1/2 oz Voli Lyte (73)
3 oz Master of Mixers Sweet and Sour Lite (7.5)
3 oz Master of Mixers Strawberry Mixer (12)
1 oz water (0)
In a mixing tin, add all ingredients shake and pour into 2 popsicle containers.
Total calories = 92.5
Each popsicle has 46.25 calories
Basically you can make any of our drinks POPS if you only use 1.5 oz of Voli per 2 pop containers.

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