tamar and vince

Tamar and hubby Vincent Herbert have upgraded from their $3M home to a $6.9M, 11, 747 square foot mansion in California. Maybe I need to research Mr. Vincent, I mean is Gaga alone getting the management team upgraded like this? Check out the pics below:


Want details, here they are: With over 11,700 sq.ft., the home has 5 bedrooms and 6 full and 2 half bathrooms. There is a double-height entryway with twin curved staircases, as well as inlaid marble floors, formal living and dining rooms, a paneled library, island kitchen, a wood-paneled home theater with 125-inch screen and a pub/game room with hand-carved wet bar. — When is the party! Do it guys! I ain’t mad, but this definitely some #richpeopleshyt




  • Dr. Reginia says:

    I would sleep very well in that house.

    On the show, the mentioned the other people and projects he’s working or has worked with. It was some pretty top notch people. A-listers. Get it Vincent.

  • Terrika Stallings says:

    Love it…..

  • Mrs Bennett says:


  • Your house is amazing and Im your #1 fan and love all of your music Tamar and I love you and you and Vince worked very hard for that house I wish that I had it you are amazing and I hope you and Vince have a wonderful life together for ever y’all are perfect for each other but it is not good when you to fight on TV and your music is hot like off the chart to me and I love All the way home I jam that every where I go

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