According to the web black and white girls are using Facebook differently. A list entitled “15 Things Black Girls Do on Facebook” has gone viral and there are certainly some things on the list that can be considered more than valid. The list is priceless in my opinion. I could name 10 girls for each item. Check out the list below and let me know if you are guilty?

15 Things Black Girls Love to Do on Facebook:

name-change-kit1. Invent middle names that declare their mantra of the moment such as Keisha blessedandbeautiful Johnson or T’Andrea OhSoClassssssy Washington….

2. Complain about their enemies without actually naming the person, knowing that the offender will read the status:
“It’s sad how some people are SO PETTY and can’t mind their OWN BUSINESS. I’m gonna pra…y for them because they need Jesus.”

3. Transform into social media ministers by posting bible verses or just making up inspirational quotes.
“Men are like a box of Goobers. They seem sweet at first but they’re really just a bunch of nuts.”

JackiE-Christie-BBWLA-Reunion4. Use their Facebook status updates to yell at the stars of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives and Love & Hip Hop. (You know NeNe can’t “hear” you, right?)

5. Post pictures of their Big Chop and other photos to document their “natural hair journey.” (White girls, if you’re confused go ask your black girlfriends what Big Chop means.)

6. To show off their new hairstyle, they take a picture in front of the bathroom mirror, with the door frame and toilet in the shot. headshot

7. Stalk ex boyfriends. This is called “watching your back.”

8. Stalk current boyfriends. This is called “research.”

9. Declare there are no good men left anywhere on the planet Earth.

10. Pretend to be in relationships with celebrities. “Did you see my husband Kobe out there?” “About to watch my boo Idris in this new movie…”idris-elba

11. Ask for help with such life-changing decisions as “Should I cook Oodles of Noodles or Hamburger Helper for dinner?”

12. Make a statement like “I’m SO pissed right now!” to get sympathy in comments, but when people ask what’s wrong they refuse to explain.

13. Providing play-by-play for every menial task on their to-do list: “Today I have to go to the bank, then go do this laundry, and pick up some bobby pins from Walgreens…”

facebook-remove-from-friends-confirm14. Announce they need a “new start” and therefore will be deleting dozens of Facebook friends.

15. Complain that they don’t understand “that Twitter thing” and will never EVER use it.

Spotted here but created by Javacia Harris Bowser over at GeorgiaMae.com — Good stuff!


  • Roxanne says:

    It ain’t just Blk girls that do this, I am guilty of everything except #4.

  • tywuana wade says:


  • tt says:

    It’s dumb to just specify black girla.All girls do this.not just black girls

  • deephoneybrown says:

    I like the inspirational quotes. Some of them are actually inspirational. I’ll even post some of them. However, I don’t do the rest of this. It’s really childish.

  • Cherise Darnell-Roy says:

    this is stupid because not just BLACK GIRLS post comments like that….I’m on several different soical networks and trust me ALL GIRLS/WOMEN do all of the above….when will we ever stop being so damn racist?!

  • Cherise Darnell-Roy says:

    @Deanna Joy I totally AGREE!!!

  • kristl says:

    This is so funny. The first few are much better for being dead-on about black girls. But several of them, of course, go well outside the melanin. I am guilty of 10 and 14. They are all hilarious! Good work for sure.

  • Disgruntled Black Woman says:

    I think this countdown is a disgrace to black women. The fact that it specifically targets popular black shows and other things such as the natural black hair transition that are exclusive to the black race assumes that white women are not doing the equivalent with things that are relevant to their lives. Although Im not a fan of reality tv nor have I ever substituted my middle name for anything, I still have a problem with posts written by blacks that seek to degrade in a non-overt yet condescending manner. I’m curious to know how many white fb friends the author has.

    True, we all fall into at least one of the categories but it’s a by-product of being human on a social network not being black. Aside from that, pointing out the last few things as black woman traits is does nothing but paint us up to be needy, ignorant, and attention seekers, in contrast to our white counterparts who happen to possess Facebook decorum.

    For years, we as blacks in general have been tagged with everything bad (ie. Bad credit, poor etiquette, and horrible grammar). To make matters worse, even those things that are not necessarily bad have been shed in a bad light when exclusive to the black race (ie. Kinky hair, dark skin etc.). This madness has to stop. 

    Though many of us do possess habits that are not so favorable, this self-destructive mentality is not the answer to resolving these issues. I’m pretty sure there are not nearly as many articles written that highlight white stereotypes as there are those that highlight ours. If we really want to defy the stereotypes that exist among our race we need to start by refraining from being the stereotypical self-destructive blacks and simply practice what we preach.

  • Angel Heart says:

    This black on black racist list claims that black women unlike white women have toilets & cell phones n their profile photo background. So do a lot of black men I’ve noticed. Blacks have a much lower net worth than whites & can not afford the fancy photo shots & photo shop equipment as much as whites. It also mentions that black women archive growth of their natural hair. White woman don’t have to go natural. Black women n the US r only 25% natural so it is an issue when we actually grw our hair natural. This lists includes only behavior that makes black women look bad on purpose then draws some comparison specifically 2 white women. This list is black on black emotional & verbal abuse intentionally designed 2 insult the poorest demographic n our society, the black female. Many people who do the things on facebook listed n this report designed 2 alienate the black woman male r female, black, white, Asian & Hispanic. This article was designed, however, not 2 insult all who do these things just black women.

    This list is a hurl of black on black intolerance & is a good example of what insecure black people do on line & n real life 2 other black people that white people don’t do 2 eachother.

  • Smh says:

    This is so ignorant. The author needs to get some understanding. It is not healthy to compare groups of people because comparing is the fuel for division. Also as a ____________, whatever label you want to go in the blank, keep your lists to yourself. Define yourself as much as you want but stop trying to definine me, and everyone else, thanks! WORK ON YOU and you’ll have less time ATTEMPTING POORLY to figure out patterns in other people’s lives…

  • Disappointed Diva says:

    @Disgruntled Black Woman I could not have said it better myself. The crab in a barrel mentality that black people subscribe to is the reason why we can’t get ahead as a people. Always seeking to undercut and pull down instead of uplift and assist our fellow sista or brotha get ahead. We get information and hold on to it because we don’t want someone else to “do better” than us. It’s articles like these written by black people for black people that help to further lower the self esteem of the black race. It’s bad enough that society does it to us don’t you think we should stop doing it to ourselves?

  • val says:

    Stereotypes, gotta love em. I haven’t done any of these things. Guess I’m not typicallystereotype.

  • val says:

    I guess I’m not the typical stereotype

  • Chaton says:

    I actually thought it was funny and fairly accurate based on my FB friends. I also think that it was intended to be funny. The other thing is, I am sure that all the Black Girl Next Door wanted was to spark conversation, get folks to read her post and increase her page views. Mission Accomplished! http://chatonsworld.blogspot.com

  • zita allen says:

    The list is prrof that a mind is a terrible thing to waste! One down.

  • Victoria says:

    Nope, I don’t do any of this either. But I think I actually am a pioneer for number 5. I posted pictures of my “Big Chop” back in 2005/06 on FB. Only then it wasn’t called the “Big Chop” but it was the beginning of my transition to natural hair.

  • Jane says:

    First of all- there is also a list of the 15 things White girls do on Facebook – people should stop being so sensitive about everything. Especially when you all know some of your friends on FB are guilty of it.. A DUCK IS A DUCK IS A DUCK!! lighten up people – we have become so uptight about things that are really suppose to make you wonder .. not everything is a social issue… RELAX RELEASE!!

  • Anji says:

    I see some people wouldn’t agree with me based on their comments but, I think this is funny! The author is a “black girl” so she is just poking fun at herself/her friends with this post. I don’t see what the big deal is! While I am not guilty of any of these items (I’m mixed so maybe my “white” side operates my Facebook account!), many of these observations are true. It’s not a bad thing!

  • Nydia says:

    Not to be another crab or anything, but I wonder how many of you were just as angry about the “15 Things White Girls Do on Facebook” list that came out about a month ago.

    It’s humor, no matter who they’re talking about. And if we are truly honest about ourselves, we laughed, as we know women, black and white, who do these things. It really isn’t that serious, and it could have been SOOOO much worse.

  • NOLADarling says:

    Guess they forgot to include beefing with their former friends in front of their mutual Facebook friends.

  • Keneesha says:

    It’s funny but true. If its that annoying though, perhaps the person needs to do some deleting. There is a certain immaturity in most of those things that as the title says, “girls” do and not women. But if facebook and all these other sites is not about expressing yourself in the only way you know how, then what are they for? Whoever wrote that needs to know white females are no different. The only thing they CAN’T relate to is the Big Chop.

  • Melissa says:

    I didn’t know what a big chop was myself! Google magic.

  • Silly says:

    The author was a African American female dummies!!!!!

  • Nicole says:

    This is not that serious….if this isn’t you then you shouldn’t be offended. I think it’s hilarious because it’s true. Nothing to do with race people…..I saw one that listed 15 things white girls like to do on fb….hilarious. The white girls aren’t in a racial uproar….us blacks are the only race that number 1. don’t stick together in the first place and tear each other down….and then get mad when someone points it out or makes our actions the butt of the joke. I say…let’s stop giving other races ammunition….and lighten up….because it’s not like this list is a bunch of lies.

  • MsRoss says:

    This is hilarious… I’m black and I find this just great. It definitely brought a smile to my face. And honestly people, lighten up… this is just a joke. Clearly most of these could apply to any person. If some of these don’t apply to you, as most dont apply to me personally, just know they dont apply and see the humor in it all..

  • I think the truth hurt! I don’t think just black woman do these 15 things mentioned. I agree with a few people on here in that I think this was done in fun.SO PEOPLE GET OVER IT!

  • Ameera says:

    This is too funny and perhaps a little true. I don’t find it racist, just having a little laugh. All groups of people come under what we deem as unfair stereotypes and generalizations, but if we do away with emotion for a moment and look deeper into expressions of culture, we will see that stereotypes about all people originated from some truth. The blogger should’ve added to the list “black girls only using their first and middle names in their profiles and it is usually a name that you wouldn’t normally associate with a black girl”

    Clarice Antonia
    Melissa Fiona
    Angelica Christine
    Natasha Monique
    Jennifer Ramona

    Lol! Cracks me up everytime, btw Natasha is not an African American name despite many of us using it. It is Russian/Eastern European.

  • Lady I says:

    According to this list I’m not Black lol

    Seriously though, I know a lot of non-black people who do these same things. So this list should really be titled “15 Things PEOPLE do on Facebook” Race is not needed unless you’re really trying to stir up some controversy or….

    Blog visits

    Hmmmmmm…. =)

  • browngirlnextd says:

    There is actually a list entitled 15 Things White Girls do, and it came out first… So I’m sure the writers of the list felt it appropriate to credit a list to black girls. All in fun. No malicious intent behind it.

  • Hi there! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the great work!

  • I love this blog very much. I couldn’t have written it better. :)

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