The boxes that you have assembled to put Beyonce inside of, will no longer be needed. She is not going to allow us to keep her as a carbon copy of her previous albums…

bey- I miss you

Beyonce released her latest CD 4, last Tuesday, June 28, 2011 with great anticipation, which was not all good.  The lead single from the CD “Who Run the World (Girls)” which wasn’t a favorite of mine, didn’t deter me from purchasing Bey’s CD.  Let’s face it Beyonce is always on the top of the charts for a reason. She didn’t get that way from putting out uncatchy tunes and unmelodious melodies.


Although Run the World wasn’t quite my speed. The next track which is the first song on the CD, 1+1, a Dream and Tricky Stewart ballad, gives me an Etta James,  70’s  sort of feel.  Beyonce belted out lyrics about not having anything without love, and her performance really comes across as quite emotional.

On another track off the album, I Miss You, written by Frank Ocean, is self explanatory, the music is really reminiscent of an old school 90’s beat.  A synthesizer (I’m guessing), carries the tune.  Do you remember the way we would clap, snap, and slap our chest to mimic the beat of Computer Love?… That’s where this song takes me.

My favorite track on the album thus far, is Party, featuring Andre 3000 and written by Kanye West. This song is definitely a throwback to the days of drop top cars, summer time, and strutting around the park checking out the fellas and getting checked out! I want to buy a convertible just so I can blast this song from it.  Kanye was pretty genius to me with this beat, and then to bring Andre 3000 in on the project. He has a delivery that can stand alone, or enhance the song tremendously.

love on top

Love on Top, is very Beyonce’s version of bell bottoms, hair as big as Diana Ross’ and Debarge’s entire family dancing in the street. . Very 70’s, 80’s and 90’s- with grooving music to accompany feel good lyrics This song is another tune that is a perfect fit for summertime, family reunions, or barbeques in the back yard. But, you have to be able to do a little two step with your significant other.  I’m going to make this one “his” ringtone…

Other songs worth mentioning are Start Over– about not giving up on the relationship, Rather Die Young (than be without her guy), and on the bonus CD, Schoolin’ Life is my favorite…. I am loving this CD. It is about love, about getting over the past, about commitment, about empowerment, and it is all done with great music.

bey party

Very different than what is being drilled into our heads on the radio! The sound is very retro meets trend setter. The lyrics are actually understandable along with the message of each song.  Beyonce, took time off to create a new song, and I guarantee that other artist will try to branch out and climb out of the boxes that the labels have put them in. Beyonce’s 4 Album gets an A- from me.

The minus is because there are entirely too many versions of Who Run the World on this thing

Check out Beyonce’s video on the Year of 4 where she “left the stage, and joined the audience.”

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