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Messy Friendships?

So, as I watched Brandy address her longtime friend Shay, on her reality show Sunday night, I couldn’t help but feel like maybe Brandy was the one that was out of line. Apparently Shay wrote a blog that mentions the Norwood family, and Brandy was put off that Shay didn’t mention it. When she addressed her, she said that Shay moved “covertly”.

Huh?… *drops mic and clears throat*..  You think I move covertly, Bran (as Shay so affectionately calls her). Then why are you my friend? —

I happen to be a firm believer in that, the things you say during an argument are the things that you truly feel. I am usually cautious in all words that come from my mouth. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings and I don’t like to eat my words at a later date.

This leads me to my point- do you have any friends that are really frenemies? People who are on the surface in your corner and cherish you, but deep down inside they want you to fail? Or have ill thoughts towards and about you?

Why do people continue to hold onto those relationships? I had a friend who I felt kind of loved me, wanted me to succeed- but in the same breathe, I felt she would root against me to someone else.

And honestly, it’s not a good feeling. You have to make sure that the people in your circle are just that- IN YOUR CIRCLE.

Don’t allow shady people to be in your presence. I’m not saying that your friend has to think you are 100% peachy clean day in and out. But they should be someone who accepts your good and bad, be able to share with you, “sometimes you can be judgmental”, instead of it being something that comes out in an argument or to everyone but you.

As individuals, we are always changing at our own pace and dancing to the beat of our own ipods. I think it’s safe to say that friendships are a constant work in progress, as well.

Tighten your circles up in 20-11!


  • Traviaun says:

    Hey Donna!

    I’m glad you wrote this. My mom and I discussed this as we watched the show. I think Shay secretly wants some “limelight” to herself. I think she was totally WRONG in not telling Brandy about the blog in the first place. Knowing the industry that they are in and how hard it is to trust people that if Shay was truly, truly her friend she would understand how Brandy felt. A person in Shay’s position should know that its all about discretion. I bet had the two not been life long friends they would have made her sign a disclosure agreement (if that’s what you call it). Where she can not publically discuss anything that goes on with the family or the business. I think that was “covert.” Not saying that I would “de-friend” her but Brandy was right in confronting her about it. I wouldn’t want my friends writing anything about me or my family and I don’t know about it. Thats kinda “two-faced” whether the writing in question is good or bad.

    And that’s my two cents! lol!


  • Pamela says:

    Discretion and Integrity, A Must.

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